Friday, June 26, 2009

Things I have learned. . .

Jude is constantly teaching me new things!
  1. This week, I learned that Jude likes to sleep on his side. Who knew that preference would ingrain itself so early? Every time I lay him down for bed, he rolls up on his side, and out he goes.
  2. Last week I learned that if I leave the wash cloth in the tub within his reach, he will suck on it and dip it back in the tub, and suck on it, maybe forever until the tub is empty?
  3. Tonight I learned not to expect Jude to willingly eat his pureed peas if I am eating grilled cheese while feeding him. However, if I held the spoon there long enough, eventually he'd smile at me and open his mouth like a baby bird for those same peas.
  4. This morning I learned that I can not walk away and leave my glass of water on the floor anywhere with in a 5 foot radius of the boy.
  5. This week, I learned that Jude will eat almost anything as long as I mix it with pureed fruit.
  6. Yesterday I learned that my keys are Jude's prized possession. Any time they are within 50 feet of him, he almost frantically scrambles to get them.
  7. This afternoon I learned that if I put 12 cherrios in front of Jude and walk away, when I come back, all 12 will be in his mouth. Here is a before and after shot: Before I walked in the kitchen to fill my water glass, and after I got back 22 seconds later. Notice how many cheerios are on the tray before and after.

Notice also the face he made when I came out and said, "Jude! Where did all your cheerios go?!" So, putting extra cheerios down on the tray does not buy me any extra time to get something done in the kitchen. It just raises my child's choking hazard!


Gamma Sharon said...

They are so much fun and work. All worth it, those sweet little miracles from God!
Over from SITS to say Hi... you were ahead of me on roll call.
Have a wonderful weekend!

joannabug said...

Glad you found something that works with sleeping, sometimes it just takes some strategizing. :-)

He's just precious, that grin, wow!

And that's so funny about the cheerios! Ian's always been a crammer. If we're not careful, he'll put so much in his mouth he can't even get it shut. He looks like a little chipmunk with lumpy little cheeks.

Mama Mel said...

Hi from SITS! I love #7... my son still does the same thing, and he's almost a year older! He does it with pretty much anything I give him... chicken nuggets especially! I have learned to only give him a couple at a time now. Who taught these little ones to be "hamsters"? :) Love the blog! Have a great day!

Hillori said...

Your little boy is SO ADORABLE!!!! I found you on SITS and enjoy your blog... isn't it amazing how fast they grow up? Question: do you like the cloth diapers? What kind do you use? My neighbor uses them, and I want to start trying them... especially with two in diapers at the same time. I think I just need to try them again. I did it before for a few weeks, but I had the wrond kind I think--it was miserable.