Thursday, June 4, 2009

What a Waste!

The cookbook came today. I mean THE cookbook. I am totally in love with this cookbook. Since the day Jude started eating solid foods, I have been making them, so when someone in my Babyfit group told me about So Easy Baby Food, I had to have it.

I love this book because it tells you exactly how to make the best selection so that you know what you are getting is ripe, and step by step how to prepare and store it. What drove me to this was the process of making black beans for Jude this week. They were so bland and I can tell they are not his favorite (but he IS eating them, which is more than I can say for the zucchini that I tried).
**On a side note, do you know how messy it is when he refluxes and it was black beans? Eew!**

So life is grand, but I am bothered by just one thing. Here's the box it came in(Jude is in the pic for size perspective - and because he's cute):

(Please excuse my basket of clean laundry in the background!)
And here is the cookbook:

Do you think the company could have come up with a more appropriate shipping method? I do. And I let them know that, too. Don't worry. I was nice. I told them how much I liked their product, but in the future could they please select a more size appropriate shipping package. Not that I think that my request will make a difference. Bad habits die hard.


Ronnica said...

HE looks so excited!

Melissa said...

Ha ha! That box is huge!

You're right, Jude is a CUTIE!