Saturday, January 10, 2009


I finally found a pair of jeans that fit Jude in the waist and over the diaper! Thanks to my friend Leah for the hand me downs! I guess when you have seven kids, you understand the importance of reusing what you can.

And here is our little sickie. Jude's had a cold for just over a week now. I have never met someone who is so cheerful when he's sick. Of course, the T.V. was on and I am discovering that he is a bit of a couch potato. That was completely an accident and now I only put it on when I need to put him down so I can eat.

As promised, footage of Jude's new hands in mouth skill. Sometimes in the middle of the night if he wakes up and realizes that he lost his paci, instead of crying to wake me up, he sticks those hands in his mouth. The sucking noise is probably just as loud, though, so I usually wake up.

And last, but not least, Jude has graduated out of the tub sling and now sits in the tub like a big boy:-( Too fast!!! But he loves it. He gets those little legs pumping as if he were swimming. Last night he kicked a significant amount of water out of the tub onto Jeff's feet.

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svr said...

it is such a joy to watch you guys enjoy your little guy!
so sorry he has a cold.... hopefully he will feel better soon!