Friday, January 2, 2009

An interesting start to the year

New Year's Day
Yesterday was an interesting day in the Roerdink house. My dog is faaa-AT! So here's how it went:

Jeff stayed home from Michael's because I've been sick and the only medication I could take for it was sleepy medicine. I just didn't feel comfortable being by myself with Jude in case I didn't hear him or something. I am very greatful that Jude started sleeping most of the night this week (he only wakes up once!). He must have known I was going to need the sleep.

Jeff cleaned the gutters while I was organizing some toys and books that we got for Jude off of Freecycle (Jude now has 180 books!). When he can in, he took Jude and they took a nap on the couch. Just before this, he let Daisy out. Two hours later we were getting ready to go to Grandma Linda's for Ian's first birthday party. I was putting Jude's jacket on and I kept hearing Jeff yelling from the yard. Well, the poor guy forgot that he left the gate open when he let the dog out.

We walked all over town calling for her but that dog was long gone. So we just left for Linda's. I figured that the dog knows where the food is, and since she likes to eat, she'd be back by dinner. But poor Jeff was all out of sorts at the party. He looked sad. It is his first dog after all.

As we pulled into the back yard after the party, down comes a fat Daisy leaping off the deck. Her mid section was ROCK HARD and at least a few inches thicker in diameter. I don't know what she ate, but when I got up to feed Jude at 3:30, she was dancing all over the room wanting to go out. I believe that she tried to get through the door before Jeff even opened it.

Hope she learned her lesson.
Other Jude Developments
As of New Year's Day, Jude has had two solid good weeks. I am so glad that the Axid is the right medicine for him, because I'd hate to have to go through months of trying different things. He sleeps really well on his AR pillow and we keep him up in the swing or in a sling for most of the day. He sleeps better in the swing than in the sling though, because if I sit down while he's in it, he usually wakes up with in half an hour.

I haven't weighed Jude this week, but I sure do love these cheeks!

These cheeks, too! (Look how many fat rolls run down his side!)

Here Jude is with his little buddy that Daddy brought home from work:

And here is some of Jude's new babble. Of course, as soon as we took out the camera, he quit doing it.

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