Thursday, January 15, 2009

Stained Baby

The results of Gentian Violet? My baby is stained blue! We both got thrush from his long stint on antibiotics, but I really did not want another prescription medication for him, so I got this off of Dr. Sears' site (and Kellymom and WebMD, etc). So, I put it on me, then when he nurses it coats his mouth -- and face apparently!

I wish you could see in his mouth. It is the color of dark blue jeans. The sites all recommend that you put a little on a swab and rub it in his mouth. I won't be doing that tomorrow. He screamed for nearly an hour today when we did that. I mean, the kid's never tasted anything other than breast milk, antibiotics that taste like strawberries, and his acid blocker, which supposedly tastes like bubble gum (lie!). So I suppose it was startling to have a 10% alcohol/water/antifungal solution on his tongue. He was much better after his nap, smiling that inky blue smile at me:-)

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