Thursday, January 22, 2009

"My Husband Rocks!" Friday

Katy-Lin" prompt for this week is:
"Tell us about a time that your spouse went out of his way to serve you, and love you sacrificially."

I have already posted this on the blog before, but to me, it is the absolute perfect picture of sacrificial love; the picture of loving your wife as Christ loves the Body.

It was one chilly day last April. As we drove back from signing our first mortgage papers a light snow began drifting from the all day over cast sky. We had already made one stop for a large bottle of ginger ale and I spent half of the time at the mortgage brokers office leaning on her desk as my morning sickness began to really rear its head at 8 weeks into the pregnancy. I kept my eyes closed most of the way home, trying to go somewhere outside of myself so that I wouldn't think about how bad I was feeling. Then, it hit. . . "You are going to have to pull over." I said. I must have mumbled because Jeff asked what I said, but I just could not bring myself to talk again. Immediately, he saw what my need was and pulled to the side of the road, but he wanted to get past this driveway, so he drove a little further. By that time, I was already opening the truck door, still in motion, but because Jeff's foot was on the brake, my seat belt locked and I threw up all over the inside of the truck door. (Eww!)

So, what did my husband do? Did he hand me a towel and make me clean up the mess I made? Not my knight. He got out of the truck and in the snow, took off his T-shirt and began cleaning my truck door with his own shirt. If that's not sacrificial, I don't know what it:-)


Kay-Kay said...

What a great husband! That is certainly sacrificial love, just as a husband's love for his wife should be.

Ashley said...

That is such a wonderful story of your husband's love!

Thanks for sharing!