Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Pray for Ellie

Please pray for Jude's future wife, Ellie. She also has reflux, but it is the type where she spits up all the time. Jenn and Daryl have to take her to the hospital today for an upper GI because her doctor was concerned that she only gained two ounces in two weeks when she should have gained between seven and fourteen. There could be a problem with the muscle at the bottom of the stomach and this problem usually results in surgery. This poor little girl has been through a lot for being only nine weeks old. Pray, too, for Jenn and Daryl to rest in the promises of God during this time.

***EDIT*** 1/10/09
Praise God for answering our prayers. It looks like Ellie will not need surgery. As a matter of fact, on Thursday when she was weighed at the pediatrician, she had gained nearly 6 ozs. So who knows why she only gained two in the previous two weeks. We will still pray that Ellie's reflux medicine to take full effect so that she is not spitting up so much. If you know Jenn, you know she hates to do laundry, and spitters cause a LOT of extra laundry.

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