Friday, January 16, 2009

"My Husband Rocks!" Friday

Jeff rocks because he is completely dedicated to being a Godly husband and father. He's even been stocking at Michael's until his Gwinnett anniversary raise kicks in so that I can stay home with Jude. He's absolutely dedicated to making sure that that boy has the best upbringing possible.

And even after working a 24 hour shift, then an 8 hour one at Michael's, he is a devoted father. I have never seen a father so into his child. He talks to him, reads to him, prays with him, takes him on walks, carries him around in the Bjorn carrier. As a matter of fact, on Sundays after a Saturday shift, I do not have to bring a sling to church because Jeff insists on wearing Jude those days in his Baby Bjorn. I don't know what he's going to do next week when Jude is too big for that thing (because you know he's gaining weight so rapidly). I guess just hold him. Or, he could wear one of my slings. Wouldn't he look so cute in green flowers or blue paisley?


Reborn said...

I don't have children yet but your story makes me look forward to seeing my husband as a daddy. There just isn't anything sweeter in the whole world than a big grown man tenderly holding his child! Thanks for sharing! :)

Karen Joy said...

Your hubby does sound great.

A bigger carrier, maybe??

Hey, I love Thousand Foot Krutch! (It was in your music widget.)

Thanks for the comment on my blog!