Friday, January 30, 2009

"My Husband Rocks!" Friday

Katy-Lin's prompt today is to tell about when you knew you were going to marry your husband. She mentions the movie Fireproof in her post, which is funny because Jeff rented it for us to watch last night. We were going to go see it the first weekend in October, which was its second week in theaters. But as you know, Jude had other plans for us, coming into the world a month early. So instead of sitting in an uncomfortable movie theater seat, I was at home sleeping off my super short, super intense 6 hour labor.
(Side note: I know that the firefighter connection was not the only reason Jeff wanted to see it. He was really interested in the marriage theme, too. But the fact that it revolved around the life of a firefighter didn't hurt.)

Soooo. When did I know I was going to marry Jeff? Our story is kind of weird because I thought he was a moron when I first met him. (C'mon. The guy sprayed gum freeze spray in my mop bucket to see if it would freeze the water!) But as some of you know, Emily P. said to me that same week, "You should marry Jeff." and I was like, "Uh, no way." But then the next day when I saw him at work I was like, "Oh. Uh oh." In my head of course.

That was May, or maybe June. If you knew me then, you'll know that the only reason I was working at Covenant that summer was because my engine blew on the day I was leaving for home where I had a great job waiting that my grandfather helped me line up. So making a new friend while cleaning campus toilets was only a small consolation for missing out on that opportunity and being with out my car for months. And I certainly wasn't looking for a relationship. Not after the disaster that was my freshman spring and sophomore year!

Some time through out the course of the following school year, I was at his parents house. I can't remember why because I know we were still only friends at that point in time. We were sitting in the foyer and he was doing something on their computer when his nephew, Jacob crawled up on Jeff's lap with his sippy cup Jeff gave Jacob a sweet kiss on the end of his sippy cup and that was when I knew. He loved kids and I had always loved kids, too.

Of course, the rest of the story goes that we had our first date that following February (my birthday), started talking about marriage by April, were officially engaged by September and married by the next May.

Looking back, I think it is funny that we had our first date during Valentine's week ('00) because Jude was also conceived during Valentine's week last year, and we are having our first childless date since he joined us this year on Valentine's Day (Yeah! Inkheart!). Good things seem to come my way in February.

P.S. I second Katy-Lin's recommendation that you rent Fireproof and have a date night if you haven't already seen it. It's really well done for being such a low budget pic.

And another P.S. Thanks, Emily, for saying I should marry Jeff!

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Katy Lin :) said...

awwww! great story! :) hope you guys have a fantastic weekend!