Wednesday, February 18, 2009


We are on the all out war path against this thrush. We've been fighting against it since Jude finished his third round of antibiotics, but he had it before then. The stuff just keeps coming back!

So today we put EVERYTHING Jude has come in contact with in the wash: toys, bedding, blankets, slings, clothes, changing table cover. You name it. But then it was nap time and Jude's blanket and nap time lovey were still in the dryer.

So we improvised. Jude was more than willing to prove that he is just as adaptable as we are:
This is the hat that I bought him in Peru before we even decided that we were going to have a baby. It's made out of Alpaca wool, so it's really soft. Today, it was a stand in for his lammy.

And, no kidding, he i s sleeping in this photo, but sometimes he smiles in his sleep. He just happened to do it right as I was snapping this photo today:

And we just had to show off the hat that Miss Emily gave us. Too bad it was raining today so we just wore it for photos. But one day it's going to be sunny and we'll show it off around town.

Like father, like son:-)

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svr said...

you guys are too cute! and jude's smile is precious. it's a good things babies are so adaptable or we parents would go crazy.....