Saturday, February 7, 2009

More cause and effect with Jude

Jude is learning that he can kick this toy to make it play music. (Thanks for the toy, Sarah!) He's still not too sure about the toy, but he's warming up to it.

He's also learning to sit up better (with lots of support!).

And here are some more shots of him enjoying that toy:

In this one, you can really see that he is losing his second chin:-) And now if you look at the back of his head, his neck looks slimmer because he has developed muscle to give him all that head control. Of course, if you look at the back of his head, you'll also see a nice little flat spot (it's getting better) because we can rarely convince him to lay facing the left. I think it is because I am to his right when we sleep. If I turn the t.v. on :-( sometimes he will face left to see what's on. I try to only do that so I can eat breakfast in the mornings.

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