Monday, February 16, 2009

Woah! Cranky baby alert!

Who stole my otherwise happy, calm baby and replaced him with a screaming, inconsolable, won't-take-a-nap one?

Since last Thursday, we have been dealing with the teething monster. It started out with him being a little fussy and not nursing well on Thursday, and if you've seen my kid, you know he likes to eat. So then on Friday, starting just after noon, it was an all out scream fest. Thank the good Lord that Ellie was in a good mood that day because Jude was very high maintenance from then on out. Ellie sat in the bouncy seat and watched T.V. (sorry Jenn and Daryl) in my room while I gave Jude a bath. Then finally he fell asleep only to wake up when Jenn came to get Ellie.

I tried cold teething rings, frozen wash cloths, crushed ice in a baby sock, Tylenol. Then only way I was able to get him to eat after that was when he was so tired from crying that he was falling asleep.

Then Saturday, Jeff brought home some teething tablets, but Jude was still a wreck, so needless to say, we did not get to go on our date. I just did not want to put Grandma Karen through the type of night I had on Friday. We finally figured that the magic bullet was to give Jude the Tylenol and teething tablets together about half an hour before nursing. But, we didn't figure it out until we had already taken him to the after hours clinic. I just wanted to make sure he didn't have another ear infection. So, he fell asleep on the way to Wal-mart, woke long enough to watch us eat lunch at the Wal-mart Subway, and then fell back asleep. So, we decided to just walk around Wal-mart for an extra hour and call that our date. Nothing says Happy Valentines Day like the Rollback Man.

Yesterday, he was going bananas before church, but he was an angel all through church. He even slept half an hour during the sermon. Then when we got home, he slept for three hours straight and had no more problems the rest of the night.

Today, while Emily was here with Izzy and Ty, he got all wound up again, but after a brief nap and a nurse, he seemed to calm down and just enjoyed himself with watching Em's kids and their antics. As they were getting ready to leave, he fell asleep and has been out for about an hour and a half now. I hope he gets a good long nap in and that the worst of it is over, but when in the world are those little buggers going to poke through? Soon, I hope or Florida will be a real exciting adventure.

P.S. Please keep praying for Veiyah (see the post below "Praying for Veiyah"). There have been several ups and downs over the past couple of days, including her vital signs going down so low while she was on the life support. Then they went up and the Dr. told her parents they might be able to close up the chest in a few days if she held steady. But this morning her vitals plummeted again. You can feel from the tone in her writing that Veiyah's mom is just so weary from all of this, having just burried one child a few months ago (Veiyah's twin) to all these heart surgeries on her baby. Pray, pray, pray.

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Anonymous said...

Truett went on a several day partial nursing strike during one bout of teething, he would ONLY nurse when he was half asleep at night or first thing in the morning. People kept saying "maybe he is weaning" and my thought was "a 9 month old doesn't wean all of a sudden like this-somethinge else is going on!" and sure enough as soon as they broke through he was back to normal. Teething is rough-hang in there!

-Joy Lynne