Friday, February 6, 2009

"My Husband Rocks!" Friday

Today I am going to respond to the MHR prompt, but then I have a story of my own to share.

One of Katy Lin's prompts this wee was "Tell us about some of the things that you and your husband do to just have fun together!"

Jeff is the best person to do fun stuff with. He is always making people laugh and has such a good nature. He reminds me so much of my Uncle Chris, so it is funny that they both are firefighters. On a regular basis, we hit the Wii for fun. It started out that I would always beat Jeff at the bowling, but now he's pretty good, so my days are numbered.

Before baby, we used to run the trails behind our neighborhood. When Jude is a little older, we will do that again (though we now live about a mile and a half away from the trails now) but for now, when it warms up we can run the cemetery that is across the street from us because they are paved.

My favorite thing that we do for fun is when we go to Mentone, AL each year for our anniversary and stay at Sarah Wilcox's bed and breakfast, The Mountain Lauren Inn. She makes the best breakfasts and there are tons of great hiking trails around. The best one, of course, is the one that comes out at the top of DeSoto Falls. There are tons of great little shops and homey resturants. We could spend all day in the Antique places. If you are ever in Mentone, be sure to eat at Winwood Farms. What's nice when we go is it is always the Rhododendron Festival, so there is live music and craft vendors all over the place. I don't know too many husbands that are interested in this kind of stuff, but Jeff always enjoys himself as much as I do. I think the best part about Jeff is his ability to adapt himself to any situation.

Now, for my story, which is another reason why my husband rocks.

Monday, I had my cell phone in my back pocket. I knew I had it in m y back pocket, which is why I checked my pockets before I threw the clothes in the laundry. I didn't find it there, so I figured I left it out when I made a phone call to the pediatrician earlier in the day. However, when I got my jeans out to put in the dryer, guess what was in the back pocket! Give up? Right. . . my cell phone.

I have had a cell phone for five years and have never done anything like this. As a matter of fact, the worst thing I ever ran through the wash in all my life was a tube of chap stick. (Well, tissues are pretty bad, but that's just because they shred and get all over everything.) However, when I took it out, it was still on. What I didn't know is that when an electronic item gets wet, you are supposed to remove the battery and not put it back in until it's completely dry.

So, sometime between 10pm and 2am it began to vibrate continuously and the battery died. I charged it, but when it came back on, it wouldn't do anything except turn on. The next day, it worked again, if you didn't mind that it was continuously vibrating again.

So I fried my cell phone. But did my husband get angry. He could have seeing that we are on a strict budget living off of one income. I lived my childhood in fear of being raked over the coals any time a mistake like this was made because so often we were. Mistakes were not permissible. But my dear husband reacted kindly and began listing solutions. He even went on eBay and found me another pink phone.

The girl at the Sprint store rocks, too. It turns out that I was eligible for my upgrade LAST September. I was having a huge case of pregnancy brain last September so I thought it was this September. I still got to walk out of there with a pink phone, only this one is prettier than the one I washed:-) And, the girl was able to transfer all of my contacts over, so I did not lose any phone numbers. And believe me, it would have been a lot of phone numbers (family, friends, doctors, midwives, pharmacy, old coworker friends, church family, our Realtor). I can not imagine starting from ground zero on that one.

Anyway, my husband rocks and he's going to be an awesome dad to Jude as he grows up.


svr said...

we love the mentone area too and go to the falls often! we have been trying to get away to a b&b there for awhile now but it just hasn't worked out......

Reborn said...

I loved your cell phone story. I too am blessed with a gentle husband who is slow to anger, and it's different from the way I grew up. There's something so safe-feeling about being allowed to be human without fear of punishment, isn't there? Kinda sounds like the biblical definition of love: patient, kind, long suffering. :)