Friday, February 13, 2009

"My Husband Rocks!" Friday

I didn't check the prompt for this week because I already know why my husband rocks this week. My husband rocks because he can make Jude do this:

(I love those little baby legs Jude is wearing. We got two pair free when we ordered the BumGenius diapers.)

Also, my husband rocks because he took care of BOTH babies the two days I had the stomach virus (that he gave me:-) ). And from what I could hear on Wednesday, Miss Ellie wasn't the easiest baby to be around. Jenn and I have come to the conclusion that maybe she just doesn't like men.

But, in addition to giving me a stomach virus for my birthday, he also gave me The Price is Right for our Wii and an iPod shuffle. I had been saving my swag points for it, but now I can use those to buy music for the iPod. I love it because it's light and won't bounce around a bunch when I run.

Um, can you tell I like pink?

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Pam said...

There is no sound sweeter than that of a baby laughing!