Saturday, February 21, 2009

Praise God for his might works!

Baby Veiyah has opened her eyes! The Dr. also took off her chest incision tape and the incision looks like it is healing very well! If you've read some of my previous post, you know that we have been praying for this little one, born around the same time as Jude. You can check out her story here. I am amazed by God's power to heal from apparently completely bleak situations. I am inspired by this family's complete reliance on Him to carry them through this trial.

Here is an except from yesterday from Veiyah's mommy, Ani:

"Veiyah is continuing to show us how powerful her middle name really is!

Jael "God's Power"

She survived 3 open heart surgeries in 6 days. She isn't even 11 lbs yet. She was supposed to die 6 hours after birth. We were then being handed her over to us to die in our arms only to stop all machines and drop every Dr's/Nurses/Staff/OUR jaws. She made it through her first open heart surgery 3 weeks after birth at only 33 weeks gestation. Her twin sister died from SVT, Veiyah slipped into SVT and we said to ourselves that it was over. She was healed and hasn't slipped back since the first day it happened. (some Dr's disagree with me on that, but i'll explain that later)

Bowel surgery came on December 15th. She was 2.5 months old. 2 weeks old gestation. Malrotation. She then 2 days later "coded" and was bagged and chest compressed back to a fuller life. We went home for 22 days. She was Life Flighted to UIHC due to low blood oxygen and was given an emergent balloon cath procedure that we were told she "may die during this procedure". She survived and then thrived and we went home a week later. We went home for 6 days. She turned blue twice that week that we were home and we admitted her to UIHC on Friday, February 6th. Wednesday February 11th, she underwent open heart surgery called the "Glenn" and had complications where they had to place and extra shunt to get through it. Four days of no real improvement later,Sunday Feb 15, Dr Davis made the decision to go back in and take down the original Glenn. While in there, cleaned it out and it looked fine, so kept her chest open to see how she'd do. It only spiraled from there. Monday Feb 16 emergency surgery was taken on a 3rd time to take down the Glenn and put an extra shunt in.

This baby that was predicted to die and her twin predicted to live, is ALIVE and is a living PROOF of our Most High King. If anyone wants proof of a miracle, I can send you the paperwork from the staff here that doesn't explain why she has made it thus far. Just say the words.

They took out Veiyah's chest tubes today. She is still intubated but they did a pressure test to see if she could handle being extubated soon, and she passed with flying colors. They are slowely going down on her sedation/pain meds to get her to a place where she'll be awake enough to remember to breathe when they extubate her. This will hopefully happen w/in the next day or so. Veiyah had 2 blood clots from after her pic line in December. They never changed, never moved, and they have NOW gotten smaller."

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