Monday, May 4, 2009

Baseball and Prevacid

Jude is ready for baseball season!

Looking at these photos, it is hard to believe that Jude is STILL struggling with reflux related issues. In February, the doctor upped his dose of Axid because he was starting to spit up and do the fussy thing while nursing again. Then he was o.k for March and most of April. But then came the frequent night wakings, back arching, coughing, whining while nursing, and crying out in his sleep again.

Oddly enough, he gained almost a pound and a half during this last 4 weeks. Some babies will nurse more often when they are dealing with reflux. It's their comfort thing. And those solid foods he started a few weeks ago don't hurt the weight gain either.

So the new plan is a new medicine. Thankfully, it is NOT Zantac. We tried that back in February and he wouldn't touch the stuff. For a whole week there was more medicine on the outside of the boy than on the inside. That is when the dr. put him on a higher dose of the Axid. So, now it is Prevacid. This was day one and I am really hoping this works for him because it's a pill that dissolves in his mouth. This makes things a lot easier, quicker, and cleaner since there is no measuring and pouring of liquid.

Anyway, so much for the hope that Jude would grow out of the reflux by 6 months. I will be happy now if we don't have to keep up meds into the toddler years.


Rebecca said...

Have you tried Chiropractic? We've used it for ear infections with great results and I've heard it can help with reflux too.

Rebecca said...

You might know about all of this, but thought I'd send it along anyway- it has great info about diet changes that could help.

Rebecca said...

aaaand, here the link:

Ha- I forgot it the first time. Mommy brain.