Thursday, May 28, 2009


So, here is Jude, making THAT face again. Also, if you'll notice, he's pulling on his pant leg.

This apparently is a habit that he has fallen into lately. I kept wondering how in the WORLD every time I put pants on him, THIS:

would happen! I was always seeing him with just one snap at the bottom of his leg undone. I didn't know how it was happening until I saw that previous picture.

This is just one from our photo shoot that I really liked. Once I realized that you could see his reflection, I had to include it! Plus, I just like how he is trying to grasp something with his thumb and forefinger. This is an important development. Did I mention that he has begun to feed himself a few cheerios here and there?

And here is the latest development. I expect that it will take a while for it to completely come to fruition, but here's my boy practicing his crawl! He is kind of figuring out how to get his knees under him (a little bit) and pushing with his feet while using his arms to elevate his upper body up high. Woo hoo! Go Jude!

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Brittne said...

Thank you for posting on that blog as well! It's such a shame what some people will resort too for attention. All we can do is pray for them no matter how hard it maybe!

Cute baby by the way!