Sunday, May 24, 2009


I told you Jude was a good photographer!

O.k. Actually, it's just getting really hard to get good close up shots of the boy these days because he that comes near him! Cameras, sonic cups, reusable grocery bags, hair, faces, dog lips. . . You name it, and I bet he's had a handful of it here lately. Here's proof:

BTW, you do know that you can pause the music on the blog by going down to the music player in the side bar and clicking "pause," right?

I got a whim and put Jude's newborn hat on him the other day. Uh, it fits a little different now, don'tcha think?

Lastly, here's the boy attempting to crawl. He really was doing a LOT more than this, but then the camera came out and he lost focus:-(

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