Friday, May 1, 2009

"My Husband Rocks!" Friday

This week Jeff rocks for something I don't even know if he knows I noticed. (He will now.) Jeff has been making a conscious effort to make sure to say those three most important words to the important people in his life.

Now, he has always told me "I love you," but over the past year I have noticed that he says it to other people whom I am not sure noticed, either. (They will now.) I've heard him say it regularly to his parents as we leave their house. I have heard him saw it to my parents and grandparents and to Linda.

My husband rocks for doing what he knows is important even in a society that may make it not that easy to do.

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Reborn said...

Amen, amen! It's important for wives to notice when their men are doing things that are hard for them to do (even if they are things that are EASY for us). It is such an act of love! Your hubby does rock!