Friday, May 22, 2009

"My Husband Rocks!" Anniversary Edition

Let me tell you about the absolute best anniversary weekend that we have ever had. Of course, we always have GREAT weekends when we go to The Mountain Laurel Inn. But I wasn't convinced this was going to be a nice, relaxing weekend, spending our anniversary with kid in tow. You know, the whole, nursing baby who won't take a bottle most times thing. But Jude was a perfect angel and quite the charmer when ever we were out and about and he took GREAT naps back at the Inn.

Jeff rocked because he hauled that nearly 20 pound boy around in the Baby Bjorn all over the place. The Rhododendron Festival, DeSoto Falls, through the HUGE antique store. You name it. He also practiced the skill of eating with one hand while holding the boy with the other. This meant that I got a little break from doing this myself.

We decided to stay in the room called The Apartment this time around. We usually stay in one of the down stairs rooms, but this one, though up quite a flight of stairs, has a bedroom, a little "living room" with a day bed, recliner, and kitchenette (a small fridge, sink, two burners, and a microwave). It was perfect! We just plopped Jude down in the bedroom for naps and bedtime and we got to have mommy and daddy (er, I mean husband and wife) time in the living room.

Here's Jude charming Sarah, the owner of The Mountain Laurel. He even convinced her to hold him one morning during breakfast so that Jeff and I got TWO (!) hands to eat with!

Sarah's dog, Lickety-Split (Lickety for short) is the best greeter any B&B could ask for.

You would thinkn that they call her Lickety because she is always LICKING.

But, no. It has something to do with her taking off lickety-split the day the trainers brought her to Sarah for the first time.

Here's daddy fixing Jude's sock after Lickety licked it off!

I think Jude might have a future in clothing ads. He kind of looks like a CK Jeans model here:-)

Daddy and Jude hanging out in the "living room"

Oh, I forgot to mention the bean bag chair. Jude loved that thing and I bet he would have stayed there all weekend if we had just left him to his own devices.

Here's a self taken photo as Jude and I were getting bored waiting for daddy to come down from the room. Jude is a darn good photographer, huh?

This was the best family shot we could get. Jude was just intent on grabbing for mommy. I think he looks hungry, if you catch my meaning!!!

Here is the top part of the falls and the dam at DeSoto Falls State Park. If there's been a bunch of good rain, we often take a drive into Mentone just to see the falls. Too bad since we've lived in LaFayette (less than an hour away) we've been in an extreme drought. As you can see, the drought has broken. This will make for a fun summer!

This is the bottom part of the falls. Jeff and I went swimming in this lake a few years ago, but it is a loooooooooooooooooooooooong hike down and I'm pretty sure Jude's not quite ready for that yet. Last summerr Vickie, Jeff, and Daisy swam in the upper lake on the other side of the dam. I sat in my lawn chair in the shade because it was 90+ degrees, I was 7 months pregnant, and likely to fall on my face in the mud.

Jeff and Jude hanging out by the guard rail in front of the falls.

Jeff and Jude infront of the upper lake. Every shot I got here either Jude was looking somewhere eles or Jeff was;-)

Mommy and Jude took a breather to pose with a weird tree above the lower lake.

Jude stole Daddy's hat when we went back to the van for lunch.

So, it's not that we always plan on taking the kid along on our anniversary weekend trip, but this year it went very well.

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svr said...

i think that it is awesome that you guys kept the tradition! aaron and i made the mistake of stopping some of those things when we had jeremiah (and he wouldn't take a bottle). it's time for us to get back into it though.
next year you will be able to be kid free!