Monday, May 18, 2009

The Reason I Blog!

Do you remember back when I wrote this post, and this post? (This post was written on that same day, but just because the photo was so great!) I never told anyone this before. Even though I really DID want to share those fall leaf photos with my mom (because I know how much she loves the fall leaves) but I really was just looking for an excuse to start a blog because I knew that we were going to start attempting to get this in the works.

(Pssst. . . If you didn't click on the links, do it now. It's worth it, especially the last one!)


Anonymous said...

i read your comment on Mckmamma's blog. i always thought reuben convinced them not to kill joseph but just to throw him in the pit, and judah was the one who decided to sell him. i will have to go look that up! we like the name judah too!

roadrunner201 said...

Yep, Judah definitely convinced them to sell him. Ruben did tell them not to kill him, but he was of the same mother (Rachel) so why would they have listened to him. I really think it was only because Judah said, "Let us not kill him. What would we gain if we kill him and cover up his blood?" that the other brothers (all Leah's children).