Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Body After Baby

It is no big secret that I gained a lot of weight when I was pregnant with Jude. A LOT. I was steadily losing some of that weight when Jude was diagnosed with acid reflux. I spent the next 3 months basically sitting down holding him in an upright position to help with the problem. And stress eating. Along came some more weight.

Coming after three years of sustained healthy weight, this is a big struggle for me. So, when I read Samantha's Body Before Baby challenge on MamaNotes, I was stoked. Nothing like a little competition to get things going again.

The competition doesn't start until Sept. 27, but I have already taken off 7 pounds in the two weeks since I have been back from our family visit in Florida. My goal for the 8 weeks is 16 pounds. I am afraid to go any faster than that because Jude still nurses and I wouldn't want anything to interfere in the production department.

Well, wish me luck:-)

P.S. My current starting weight is 220. Are you kidding. Is that really the smallest font?!


Morgan said...

That sounds like a great challenge! Is there a prize for the winner (other than getting to buy brand new clothes to fit their slimmer body)? A contest sounds like a fun way to get motivated! : )

Pink Slippers said...

I was just writing in MckMamas blog forum...I love the name Jude for future boys. Funny, you have a Jude.