Sunday, September 27, 2009

Police Officers in Trouble

(Forgive me because I am going to go in two completely different directions here.)

Being a stay at home mom is one of the greatest joys of my life, but I realize that it is not for every woman. This was the case for two police officers in Great Britain. Both women wanted to return to work after having children, so they arranged to swap off keeping each others' children.

Apparently, that is considered law breaking in Great Britain. Anyone who keeps kids more than two hours must register as a "childminder." You can read more about their story here. It is just one of the most unbelievable things to me! That would mean any time we wanted to go on a date, whoever watched the boy would have to be a registered "childminder" (babysitter) because there are no "date worthy" places near us. What the heck is wrong with friends baby sitting for friends? My sneaking suspicion is that this is a law designed solely for the purpose of squeezing tax dollars out of parents. Do you pay tax on child care? Whatever. I could be wrong.

However, this, my friends, is a really good example of how Government can be too involved in the every day lives of the citizens. This is a good example of why many conservative Americans are so resistant to what our president is attempting to do with health care. It is just one small door to walk through before more and more of our rights and privileges are taken over by the government. Not that I could come up with a working solution, myself. But there has to be a better one out there. It can not be by taking all control of these decisions away from the citizens.

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