Thursday, September 24, 2009

Why I Love Dolly!

Parton, that is. And here's the reason!

Jude received a BRAND NEW copy of The Little Engine That Could from Dolly's Imagination Library. And he will continue to receive a brand new book every month until his 5th birthday. This is a program in partnership with the United Way here in our area (and many other areas!) that is open to every child from birth to age 5. It takes a few months to get the ball rolling. I registered him months ago and we just got his first book. But I am SO excited because it's his first NEW book. I do a lot of used book shopping and some friends have given us some of their hand me downs, but nothing beats a shiny new book.

I know what we'll be reading for story time tonight!


joannabug said...

I love this program!!! We just got our new books in the mail today, too. The books are nicely bound, and most of the books are really, really fun.

svr said...

i am so sad that this ends at 5 yrs. jeremiah has been getting these since he was 1 month....and even with siblings getting books we have only gotten 1 or 2 duplicates. i have learned to preview the books before i open them for the boys though. one of them had a little boy telling his mom to shut-up and i had to "make it disappear". :-)