Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Animal Abuse

This morning, I was looking out the back door window to check that my corn was not in too much sun since they are new plantings and I saw this little dog. This dog was even smaller than my little sister's dog (it's a Jack Russell). It was a mutt of some sort; probably had some Jack Russell in it. I went out to see if it had tags so I could contact someone, because if you know our street, you know there is no way in good conscience I could just let it go. No one would ever see it and it would be toast before you had time to blink.

What I saw was so pitiful. The dogs nails were probably an inch and a half long. That's long for such a small dog. You could see ribs and it never took its tail from between its legs. I put down some old chicken leftovers that we had in the fridge that I was getting ready to throw out anyway. (I tried dog food, but it was like she didn't even know what it was.) She ate it all up and then went over to the other side of the porch. I went in and called the codes department where our animal control comes from.

The animal control guy was at our house in less than 10 minutes and when he tried to get her to come to him, she squealed like nothing you ever heard and started peeing. She would only come to me. It was apparent that this dog was severely beaten.

I HATE people who beat animals. I do not use that word often, but I do really hate in this situation. I understand a swat to the nose or the rear end from time to time. Daisy gets those because she's so dang pig headed. But how in the world can you call yourself a human being and beat such a small creature until it is afraid of people? Jeff had a good point. He said it had to be a coward. Some guy who probably also beats his wife and kids.

I got the dog into the truck. I sure hope they find someone to adopt it; someone who will make it feel more at ease around people.

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