Friday, April 3, 2009

"My Husband Rocks!" Friday

Ahhhh. . . quiet. Jeff rocks today because he got crying boy to sleep. All of a sudden Jude went from loving his swing to hating it, in just a day. We needed to transition him out of it anyway because he is getting too tall for it. But, he will only nap for like half an hour/forty-five minutes in his bed during the day for some reason. (The same bed he sleeps in 9 hours straight without stirring at night). But Jeff got Jude to stop crying back there and he's been sleeping for nearly 2 hours. (Jeff's been sleeping that long, too, but he had over night calls last night, so I completely understand.)

Ooooh! Jeff also rocks because he said we can join Prince Charming, MacMama, and the MacKids on the MacCruise in January. It will be cool to meet one of the babies I have been praying for. Wheeee! Jude's getting his first passport!

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