Friday, April 17, 2009

"My Husband Rocks!" Friday

This week, Jeff rocks because he's giving up his Saturday to mow Linda's yard. This is something he used to do regularly until he started the fire academy, and then Linda didn't want to take from the only full day we got to spend together, so she found someone else. Actually, Jeff DID mow her yard for a while during the fire academy because I remember he was mowing with his broken leg.

A little background for those of you who don't know who Linda is (Grandma Linda to Jude). I met Linda eleven years ago when a friend brought me to her house for lunch one Sunday. No, actually, I met Mike-n-Linda. That's always how it was said. You could hardly think of one without the other, so it almost always came out as one word. Mike-n-Linda always treated you as if you were their own children. As a matter of fact, Linda even organized our wedding reception (Mike was in California closing down illegal chicken markets).

But it wasn't until 2005, when Mike went to be with Jesus, that the real familial bond was formed between our family and Linda. It started because we saw what an overwhelming responsibility taking care of the puppet ministry ( and the property would be. You see, Linda is in 7 countries on 5 continents a year, and she lives in an old farm house with a lot of property. It's not just a quick mowing job. It takes hours.

Jeff used to mow for another widow in our church, who had a postage stamp yard, like we do. He mowed for her until she stubbornly insisted that she needed to start doing things for herself. So it was only natural to him to offer this service up to the woman who looks at me as a daughter.

So, that is why my husband rocks this week; for giving of his time to do tasks that are not easy.


svr said...

aaron and i were just talking about that the other day...he is free this summer and able to help with any yard work that linda may need, just let us know!

Katy Lin :) said...

what a sweetheart! and what a precious story - thanks for sharing