Monday, April 13, 2009

Much to my consternation, he enjoyed it!

Jude's been practicing this one for a few weeks now. He dosen't really drink the water. He sucks it in then spits it all over his shirt.

However, after many, many days of frustration while nursing (his that the milk wasn't coming out as fast as he wanted, and mine that he was so fussy while nursing) we decided to give this a go:

That's right, folks. We started solids yesterday. This is MUCH earlier than I was hoping. In my head, I was kind of thinking he still wouldn't be interested. We tried a couple of times before, just to check, and he always thoroughly ejected every last drop from his mouth. But, well, it looks like my boy loves his sweet potato. Yesterday, he downed 10-15 spoon fulls, and tonight he ate a third of the jar. So, it looks like it's time to start boiling, mashing, and freezing some fruits and veggies. (Do you like the bib? Aunt Ann sent it to us from Japan.)

Here's my happy boy just after his second nap today.

And speaking of my big boy, I finally got it! Drum roll please. . . footage of Jude rolling over! He went from maybe doing it once every other day to doing it like 10 times today alone. See how pleased he looks with himself after he does it.

And these are strictly for your enjoyment. He is really getting into that saucer. He's finally able to reach for some of the bigger toys.

I think he was in a mood the day I took these because he has a funny face on in every one of them!

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